maths enhancers

Mathematics is one of the founding pillars of the STEM education vision.  From simple understanding of numbers and fractions to complex algebra the mathematics tools allow us to model and understanding our world.

Many of the concepts in mathematics are abstract and it is important to link these ideas with real world examples.

The Intellecta icon system supplies several important icons that make it easy to link mathematics to control and data acquisition.

For example the:

Average icon can be used to smooth noisy data,

Power series icon can produce complex waveforms

Function generator creates a number of standard functions

Random pulse generator simulates noise

Integrate icon performs integration and differentiation


Averaging example

Here we create a triangular wave and apply time averaging over 1 second and 5 seconds.

You can see that the one second average still has some periodic nature related to the triangular input wave.

The 5 second average is just a flat curve.

The Data Logger icon is the display icon where you can select the sample rate, total data logging time and vertical axis settings.


Intellecta icons and Mathematics

data log window