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Printers and cutters

The new VersaSTUDIO BN-20 is what design and technology school programs  have been waiting for! A neat desktop machine which delivers durable, high-quality print results then (for lighter media) cuts out the design in one seamless operation.

The VersaSTUDIO BN-20 is  two machines in one.- high resolution printer and cutter

 As a large-format printer, it uses advanced Eco-Sol inkjet technology so low-odour, high quality and durability is assured.

As a knife-cutter VersaStudio BN-20 has all the capability and features of the hugely popular Roland CAMM 1 range.

Supported by Techsoft 2D Design for both printing and cutting.

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Roland CAMM 1 GS-24 cutter

A good quality knife-cutter is the ideal entry point for developing CAD/CAM as an important strand in the Design and Technology curriculum. The machines are quiet and inherently safe to use which makes them the most child-friendly option for a huge variety of project outcomes in just about every area of the subject. Knife cutting is the only way to cut delicate ‘applied media’ in vinyl and only knife cutters can offer registration mark recognition and the fine control needed for print and cut work.

The GS-24 is the latest guise of this benchmark machine and it features several significant improvements. Servo motors now give even faster and smoother cutting, while preserving pin-point accuracy.

Roland’s Optical Print Alignment System (OPAS) is standard on all GS-24s - this allows students to exploit high quality colour printing from modern ink-jet or laser printers, and to align the printed graphics to a cutting path for bespoke stickers, labels, logos and packaging products. The GS-24 handles media from matchbox-size off-cuts, to 584mm widths up to 25m long, so it will accommodate any of the roll or sheet materials

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2d design v2

Supported directly from Techsoft 2D Design. You can set the cut and crease options in the colour setups.