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Making is an important part of the STEM vision and is part of the T and E.

Science and mathematics comes alive when you have to apply concepts in a practical application.

This vision is possible if some basic decisions can be made regarding the student involvement in the process. For example, do students use kits or design, make and apply their knowledge to make their own real systems,

We believe in the latter and this section presents the various machinery that can cut, engrave,print, their systems.

We can divide the systems into subtractive  ( milling, routing, laser cutting, plasma cutting, pcb engraving in electronics) where material is removed and additive (3d printing)  where material is added.


This circuit board with a small PICAXE was made with the Roland EXG-350 engraving machine.


Subtractive - PCB Engraving

Removing the copper layer from a substrate is easily undertaken with the Roland EGX-350 engraving machine. The depth of cut, speed, spindle speed is easily selected but the design must be undertaken to define the pads and tracks for the components.

Circuit Wizard is an ideal electronics learning package that develops real understanding of basic electronics and coding of microcontrollers.

The circuit layout is easily linked to Techsoft 2D PCB Design to run the engraver and produce a final circuit board with engraving, drilling and routing.

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Subtractive machining

Great processes to convert your 2D and 3D desigs into real tangible products. Machining is the most common process in industry due to the fact that you can machine most materials with the appropriate tools.

We have a range of machines to assist in this area.

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Laser cutting and engraving

A high power laser can cut and engrave materials ( dependent on laser power). Lasers offer amazing opportunities for STEM and STEAM programs in education because you can design a great number of designs and translate into great products for art, technology, design.

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3D Printing

Adding material to replicate the design of an object is one of the most innovative techniques and fits well into our making philosophy.

Will it fit into yours?


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Printing and cutting

Cutting vinyl for images onto a surface, cutting cardboard for packaging, making stencils are all good STEM activities where a simple 2D design is transferred to an object.

This has been expanded to taking an image to fabric via heat pressing or printing promotion materials to your project.

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