Course 2 Engineering and Communication Technology

This course designed for those teachers who are technology teachers and wish to introduce CAD/CAM into the STEM program.

The aim of the course is not to produce professional designers but to have an emphasis on .having activities that can be readily transferred into the classroom and materials and resources for immediate classroom use.

The teacher will be better equipped  to conduct classes in these subject and be able to form valuable judgements on the subjects and resources.

All topics are cross-referenced to Australian curriculum outcomes.

The course leans heavily on ICT resources in order to be more efficient and successful

The five day training package is the preferred model.

CAD software : Autodesk Fusion 360, Autodesk Inventor, Autodesk Meshmixer, PTC Creo Parametric., Techsoft 2D Design V2

Day 1 Introduction to the course

Introduction to the purpose and aspects of the professional development.

Outline of the course and general arrangements.

Day 2 Review of design skills

Introduction to the day

Review of school based projects which have used 2D Design V2, Fusion 360  and other software products

Day 3  Generating activites

Review progress in schools on ECT activities tried and assignments undertaken

Day 4 Expansion in CAD

Day 5 – full day on Fusion 360, 2D Design and Roland

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