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Stika SX-15/12/8 - ideal education system

The Stika series of cutters are portable, and offer the quality, durability and versatility necessary to meet the needs of everyone from the first time user to the seasoned professional.

Ideal for designing adhesive vinyl letters, decals, P.O.P. displays and signage.

cutting vinyl

The Roland STIKA range is a en excellent start to great 2D Design projects

All STIKA's come with easy to use Dr Stika Plus design software, which allows you to create simple designs, using Windows true type fonts, and basic shapes. You can also import bitmap images from any other graphic program.

All STIKA machines also come with Roland's CutChoice software, which allows you to print directly from COREL DRAW or ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR.

The SX-8E is the smallest unit in the Roland cutter range and is well suited to work in schools.

The low cost and high reliability means that the SX-8 is a best selling unit with an effective start to CAD/CAM activities.


  • · Max. plotting area 160 x 1000mm.
  • · Max. plotting speed 40mm/sec.
  • · Parallel interface. ( 25 pin Printer port)
  • · Dimensions 330 x 165 x 105mm.
  • · Weight 2.1Kg.
  • · 1 year warranty. ·

This machine has a cutting width of up to 250mm. The SX-12E can tackle bigger designs or severa designs can be placed on the sheet.


  • · Max. plotting area 250 x 1000mm.
  • · Max. plotting speed 40mm/sec.
  • · Parallel interface.
  • · Dimensions 430 x 165 x 105mm.
  • · Weight 2.5Kg.
  • · 1 year warranty. ·

 SX-15E has a large cutting width of 340mm and cuts materials 2.5 times the smaller machines - useful in large classes.hoice.


  • · Max. plotting area 340 x 1000mm.
  • · Max. plotting speed 100mm/sec.
  • · Parallel interface.
  • · Dimensions 510 x 165 x 105mm.
  • · Weight 3.1Kg.
  • · 1 year warranty. ·

Stikas in the classroom
The Stika family are excellent, low cost, reliable systems that bring to students a new range of design options that enhance their project or product.

The machines are versatile and practical.
The ultrasharp cutting tool and excellent accuracy in the position means that the machines can cut a number of materials that must be flexible to pass through the wheel gripper system.

This means that different materials can be transformed into works of art and design.

Vinyl materials

The vinyl film is self adhesive on backing paper. The cutter can define areas that can be removed to produce lettering, logos, etc., can enhance many projects. Quality detailing is achieved

Printable Vinyl

A special vinyl that can be put through a standard ink-jet printer. When printed and cut, really high quality full colour decals can be produced.

Label Paper
This allows high quality self-adhesive labels to be made for food packaging, decals, point of sale displays, etc.

Standard Iron-on Vinyl
Iron-on vinyl has many uses in Textiles Technology. It is ideal for Tee shirts and other garments.

Printable Iron-on Vinyl
When printed with a standard ink-jet printer then cut, superb durable full colour iron-on motifs can be produced. For garment decoration this is a must.

Iron-on Flock
Iron-on flock is similar to standard iron-on vinyl, but it has a textured finish to add an extra dimension to textile products.

Ceramicon is a thin layer of ceramic glaze. Once cut it can be applied to a tile, plate, mug, etc., and fired in a kiln for a permanent dishwasher-proof finish.

Cutronic Foil for PCBs
Using Design Tools - PCB Design and Make, PCBs may be cut directly from self-adhesive copper foil to make “stick-on” circuit boards.


As is the Roland custom, all machines are supplied with software that get you going without any problesm.

Dr. STika PLus and Roland Cut choice are supplied.

Users can also expand these mateials with the education focussed Techsoft Products - Primary Design, 2D Design and PCB Design and Make.

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