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Roland Modela MDX-15 and MDX-20

The Roland MODELA range is one of the most flexible machines  developed by Roland. The main aim is to produce 3D models in design studios so the system had to be simple and portable. Also, the software must be simple and efficient to use.

There are two models, identical apart from their machining envelope, the MDX-15 (150 x 100 x 60mm) and the MDX-20E (200 x 150 x 60mm).

 MODELAs are compact low cost 3D capable miller/router/engravers. An interchangeable scanning head that quickly converts the MODELA to a full 3D contact scanner. Any object placed on the bed can be automatically scanned to produce a full 3D image.

The Modela is the most versatile all round machines available at any price.

engraving PCB


The software supplied with the machine ensures that you can easily convert your designs to real objects without the need to find, research, evaluate and purchase software. Extra software such as 2D Design and Make, PCB Design and Make complete the suite and allow any design operation to be undertaken.

The MDX-20/15 comes standard with powerful application software compatible with Windows 95/98/Me, Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000, making it easy to use right out of the box.

MODELA Player is a numeric control software application that allows importing of 3D files from most popular computer graphics and CAD applications.

 included with MODELA Player are libraries of various tool diameters and shapes with their pre-determined cutting speeds and depths.

MODELA Player facilitates uniform 3D scaling, selection of milling direction and automatic generation and display of the tool path.

Virtual MODELA provides a quick preview of the entire milling operation. This powerful feature eliminates milling errors, enables simulation of finished shapes and estimates production time.

mdx20 machinig plastic


The MDX-20/15 is ideal for reverse engineering. Before beginning your designs, you can use the MDX-20/15 to scan and digitize data from an existing part or mold for your CAD drawings. Due to the precision of its Roland Active Piezo Sensor (R.A.P.S.) technology, the MDX scans a wide range of objects, including soft objects like clay and fruit, etc., that conventional contact scanners can't. It can even scan glass or acrylic - an impossibility with optical scanners because their light beams pass through the material.



Modela Player creates a tool path from the 3D cad model design with your favourite software package. The tool path is a graphical picture of the actual path of the tool as it removes materials.

Modela set up profile cuts

Modela Player links all the machining processes and selection of materials, tools and cutting strategies into one interface. It is easy to select the material, tool, machining region. The Contour option makes it easy to cut out profiled flat shapes.

simulation cutting

Virtual Modela shows the simulated tool path removing the material - ideal check on the process before you commit to cutting materials. The simulation process is very important because it can show gross errors and incorrect tool choices.


Design Tools - 2D Design

Design Tools - 2D can not only drive the MODELA, but generates cutter diameter compensated tool paths ( path of the tool either inside or outside a profile that takes into account the diameter of the tools), and outputs depth information, feeds, speeds, and number of passes. This combination of machine and TechSoft design software, will easily manage most users requirements for general milling and engraving applications.

PCB Design and Make

Another exciting use for MODELA is PCB manufacture. With TechSoft’s Design Tools - PCB Design & Make, a PCB can be designed and manufactured simply by drawing it, then engraving it directly onto the copper board. The board can even be cut out and drilled. This is a quick clean process and eliminates messy chemicals forever.

Technical details

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