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Dr. PICZA scan fish
Dr PICZA  Rendered
Dr PICZA Coord readout
Dr PICZA  Inverted

Dr. PICZA Scanning Software features a dynamic graphic display and diverse editing functions. Dr. PICZA features control functions such as scan pitch and area settings, plus numerous editing functions including a handy convex/concave inversion function for making molds, a mirror function for creating symmetric data, a tilt adjustment function, curve smoothing, and a function for adjusting the height of surfaces. A preview function lets you check the image from any angle using a wide frame. You can even display color and texture renderings. PICZA scanning data can be stored in its original format, or exported in DXF, IGES, VRML, or as Point Cloud data (ASCII).

The MDX-20/15 is ideal for reverse engineering. Before beginning your designs, you can use the MDX-20/15 to scan and digitize data from an existing part or mold for your CAD drawings. Due to the precision of its Roland Active Piezo Sensor (R.A.P.S.) technology, the MDX scans a wide range of objects, including soft objects like clay and fruit, etc., that conventional contact scanners can't. It can even scan glass or acrylic - an impossibility with optical scanners because their light beams pass through the material.

To begin scanning, simply install the sensor unit on the device. Open the Dr. Picza software which controls processing, define the scan area and select the level of resolution you would like - from 5.00 mm up to 0.05 mm. Click "Scan" and the MDX-20/15 goes to work. For fine detail areas, you can rescan at a higher resolution. The MDX-20/15 automatically combines two or more scans.



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