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3D Milling

This covers a range of machines that have special characteristics.

The MDX-15 and MDX-20 are excellent entry level machines ideally suited to schools and small design studios. The machines are feature packaged and well suited to 3D machining, 2D designs and even engraving.

The MDX-40 is a revolutionary system that brings the new fourth dimension of rotary axis.

The MDX-500, MDX-540 and MDX-650 are high speed machines that really push the rapid prototyping envelope.


MDX-15 and MDX-20 are amazing machining centres that allow machining operations as well as scanning.

The systems are supported with a complete software suite for 3D machining, engraving and scanning. The systems are portable and easy to set up making them ideal to share between the technology centre and the arts department.

 Extra software enables the MDX family to engrave PCB boards for innovative electronic designs


The Roland MDX-40 is a compact, self contained machining centre that permits 3D machining and engraving as well as a rotary 4th axis.

This axis can  an operate as an indexed head or continuous machining.

The system is ideal for the manufacture of C02 dragsters, formula 1 models and linking to activities in the 5IT curriculum plan.

The generous work area of 305X305mm means that it is easy to fix the issue of work holding. Intellecta has designed a range of fixtures and new tables that allow the use of industrial clamp kits.

The system is accurate for PCB engraving and drilling that is made easy with the new Intellecta quick change collet system. Just unscrew, remove the tool, insert the new tool and tighten. The height adjustment is automatic.

mdx40r04 MDX-40 al plate 1

The Roland MDX-540 is the new machining kid on the block. A huge work area with powerful drives, powerful motors and easy to use software, makes the MDX-540 a pleasure to use. Extra accessories such as a large rotary axis and automatic 4 position tool changer means that the intense and accurate machining of prototypes can be run unattended.

New Roland SRP player software means that every user can exploit the power of the machine.

m540main02 m540model

The  MDX-650 3D milling machine is revolutionising rapid prototyping. The MDX-650 offers engineers and designers the opportunity to quickly and inexpensively turn concepts into three-dimensional prototypes, eliminating costly outsourcing.

The huge machining area, high speed motor means that rapid-prototyping takes on a new meaning.

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