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This package is an ideal introduction to computer aided design and combines technical draughting, graphic design and CAD/CAM, into one package, suitable for all ages.

The system has an easy link to computer aided manufacture where designs can be easily manufactured with the Roland family of machines.

Designed for education

Many CAD systems were designed for industrial applications and these have been placed into schools with the statement that students should use industrial standard tools. It is important to introduce CAD concepts that are part and parcel of all CAD systems and not focus on a particular software package.

Techsoft has been closely linked to education for many years and designed 2D DESIGN as a combination of traditional drafting processes with graphic design (illustrations, advertisements, etc.).

With 2D DESIGN, TechSoft have taken the best of both these approaches, and combined them with considerable educational and CAD/CAM experience, to produce one of the most versatile design packages available, and yet, at the same time, one of the easiest to use.

2D DESIGN delivers real drawing power.

It is one of the most sophisticated design packages available anywhere!


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2D Chairimages

2D DESIGN makes it easy to produce graphic design projects. Here students examine the human factors that must be considered in seating design.

2D Design optics

2D DESIGN can be used for design of complex objects that have 2D simplicity. It is easy to set up arrays of holes, dimensions and machining instructions.

optics mount

The 2D DESIGN drawings can be easily manufactured with the Roland machines. Here the drawings are converted into a 3D optical bench system that is used in a photonics based laboratory.

Making it easy for the teacher

Techsoft has identified a very important concept in the delivery of effective CAD learning outcomes - simplification is important.

When using sophisticated software , many children will either be overawed, or will want to try every function to see what happens! Imagine the confusion when lines can be drawn with many options and dimensions can have many properties.

One of 2D DESIGN’s most important features is the ability to be reconfigured, or personalised to the user’s requirements.

 Most of the on-screen features can be re-scaled, their colour or size altered, or turned off completely. This capability has a vital role in education, as it makes it very easy to customise the software for almost any age or ability.

customise menu

Making it easy for students


Teachers can go further in setting up the software for students by focussing the software on different projects.

 If a group is to do a project on packaging, then all drawing/editing functions that are not required, may simply be removed. Taking this concept further, several setups may be saved for a single project, eg., packaging week 1, packaging week 2, etc. Thus, students only see those options relevant to the work in hand, a sort of “need to know” situation. .

toolbox setup

Converting Designs to real objects

An area of difficulty for many users of Windows drawing/draughting packages is outputting drawings With many packages, it can prove virtually impossible to get the correct scaling, make use of the machine’s full area, position the output accurately, control depths of cut, feeds, speeds, etc., using standard Windows drivers.

TechSoft have devised a system to control plotters, Roland CNC machines, etc., directly (standard Windows drivers can still be used for printers). Thus 2D DESIGN has complete control of the output for easy, reliable and high quality results. Full control of the machine is possible, including feeds, speeds, depths of cut, number of passes, etc., as appropriate.

Set up tools on 2D Design


  • Exhaustive geometrical constructions, including circles, arcs, tangents, normals, etc. Essential for all constructional work.
  • · Comprehensive text facilities, even exceeding those on many sign-writing packages. Truetype fonts may be used, either as outlines or filled in colour, even hatched. Editable text blocks may contain different heights and angles, even different fonts.
  • · Powerful tools such as fully “tuneable” bezier curve drawing, text flow along paths, etc.
  • Comprehensive transformation commands include move/copy, rotate, mirror image, alter size, 3D effects, etc.
  • · Automatic or manual dimensioning.
  • · Contour routine provides either a powerful graphical tool, or the means to generate a cutter diameter compensated tool path - ideal for CAMM 2, RotoCAMM, MODELA users.
  • · Powerful editing and delete facilities. Unlimited user named drawing layers.
  • · Cut and paste facilities allow links to many other packages, eg., put your drawing into a document on your word processor.
  • · Import/Export WMF, EMF, DXF, HPGL, Acorn Draw and Designer V3 files.


Above all, 2D DESIGN is powerful, yet simple to learn and use. Although it offers far more features than many alternatives, it does so in a way that is intuitive, not intimidating. The care and attention to detail that have gone into the program can only become apparent in use. If in doubt, we strongly recommend that you ask for a FREE evaluation copy.

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