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Intellecta Technologies designs, makes, develops and supports innovative resources for science and technology education.

Intellecta has pioneered the 5IT vision that focuses on a problem-based process that links thinking, design, making, control and measurement skills - just like real world engineers and scientists.

The materials integrate areas such as

This vision is supported with world class products from Roland, Techsoft UK, Techsoft NZ and Revolution Education.

Products and resources are divided into groups that correspond to processes.

New documentation for Victorian Education initiative


NEW Intellecta and BUGGY strategies


New Control 7 - PICAXE based power for Mechatronics.

Intellecta wins Roland 3D dealer award for 2006, 2007

New assembly instructions for PANEL HB PICAXE boards.

NEW 18X system - learn about microcontrollers and robotics in an easy way

5IT circles red

The 5IT strategy drives the development of products and education resources that must assist the student and teacher in exploring a problem.

 These resources must support “learning without limits” and  develop a range of important critical thinking skills.

Successfully trialled in an education program in Malaysia- outstanding student responses. enquire from for more information


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CAD Products

Computer aided design, CAD, is an important real world process and products from Techsoft UK - 2D Design and PCB Design and Make complement the education CAD software.

Now it is easy to integrate electronics into the project and introduce CAD to students of all ages.


CAM Products

Computer aided manufacture, CAM, transfers the CAD drawings to machines that can remove, engrave and transform materials. The Roland products are excellent resources for education because they are simple to operate with excellent supporting software.

Control Technology Products

These products deal with the computer control of devices with interfaces that connect to switches, sensors, motors and other devices. This area presents the innovative Icon control system as well as programmable devices - PICAXE and others.

Control 1 reduced
door opener


It is important for student to design and prototype a number of machines that link to electronics components. This is the area of mechatronics. These pages introduce the components and the types of models that can be easily constructed and controlled

Energy and Motion

Science products

This area is focussed on the measuring activities with data loggers, probes and the unique energy and motion module that measures distance, speed and acceleration.



The CAD/CAM and electronics activities may require support products such as cutters, foams and other consumables. These are detailed on these pages.

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