Innovation in STEM Education

Intellecta was created as a good example of the invention statement - “necessity is the mother of invention”.

Rather than using difficult programming tools we designed the Intellecta icon control system and opened the door to inquiry and problem based learning.

“I wonder why a battery gets hot when you short the contacts” or “How can I control a pneumatics robot arm” becomes an easy task.

However, it is clear that STEM is a very important area and we have extended the original software base to include CAD/CAM cnc machines, electronics training via CircuitWizard, laser cutting and engraving, CNC routers and 3D printers. A really amazing connection is with our STEM in Food tech resource.

We can now offer a complete STEM learning base right from primary to secondary education. We are driven by the need to stimulate the creativity of our young children who possess an infinite curiosity and desire to learn. ( By the way, the diamond is not real but just a good example of a complex optical shape)

Check out the complete innovationspace or STEMSHED for your school.

It is affordable if you are  innovative and  can trim down the cost of the building.

Read about some real innovation in classrooms with reference to the benefits of makerspaces and creativity:

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Recycle 3d printer waste in a sustainability program.

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HOT NEWS - new Roland MDX-50 milling machine - ideal for electronics, STEM works engineering projects, engraving, aluminium machining etc etc